Election Campaign

General Election and Local Elections 7th May 2015

On 7th May 2014, Rayleigh and Wickford voters have a further opportunity of making a real difference and continue to change the face of British Politics by voting in our own Member of Parliament and getting further representation on our District and Borough Councils


Our Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Rayleigh and Wickford Constituency is John Hayter. John is married with two sons, and has lived in Rayleigh for 40 years. He is a Rochford District Councillor, and a Higher Courts Solicitor-Advocate (Criminal Proceedings). He ran his own practice in Southend for 27 years appearing as a defence solicitor in the magistrates courts and crown courts.

With a lifetime of experience working in the real world he is more than aware of the realities and difficulties the Rayleigh and Wickford constituents face on a daily basis, and understands many of their views and concerns.

The LibLabCon career politicians, together with their EU masters, are working to dismantle our country as a Nation State. John is determined to reverse this and restore democracy and sovereignty to the constituents of Rayleigh and Wickford, and Britain.

Essex has always been in the vanguard of political movements from the Peasants Revolt to Oliver Cromwell and Margaret Thatcher. This time, John feels, it is UKIP, the people’s army.

John regards this General Election as being the most exciting for years, possibly ever, with the rise of UKIP. He is delighted to be part of it. He can be contacted at ukiprayleighandwickford.org.


14 Local Council seats in the Rayleigh and Wickford Constituency come up for election. 11 for Rochford District Council and 3 for Basildon Borough Council.

The seats that we are contesting are as follows:

Rochford District Council:


Basildon Borough Council

  • Wickford Castledon – Cllr Nigel Le Gresley CC   Nigel is defending the seat he won in a by-election in 2013, is married with 4 children and 5 grandchildren and has lived in Wickford for 34 years. A magistrate, Nigel is also a County Councillor for Crouch Ward and  the Deputy Mayor of Basildon.bHe is well known for the work he does for the community in Wickford.
  • Wickford North – Eunice Brockman, who was born and bred in Essex, is married, has lived in Wickford for many years and is a Wickford-based business woman. She is a member of Neighbourhood Watch and current Chairman of the Wickford Action Group  and runs the Group’s Facebook page, which now has nearly 2,000 members.
  • Wickford Park – Derek Harrison who was a professional building surveyor, has lived in Wickford 37 Years and is married with three children and four grandchildren.
    He served on the management committee of Wickford  Community Centre, was Its chairman for nearly six years and was a founding member of the Wickford Action Group.

But what are the local policies that UKIP are campaigning on?

  • Council tax should be as low as possible;
  • Immigration must be controlled to relieve pressure on our health, education, housing and welfare services;
  • Green spaces should be protected – UKIP opposes excessive housing development;
  • There must be more police on the streets;
  • Councils should cut highly paid council executives, not front-line services;
  • Real decision-making should be given to local communities;
  • Money should be use for local services, not the EU, foreign aid and foreign wars.


To see our priorities and how UKIP councillors will work for you, see our UKIP Local Manifesto

By voting UKIP in the Local Elections and returning UKIP Councillors to represent you on Rochford District and Basildon Borough Councils, you will not only put real control back into your hands but you will demonstrate that you can no longer be ignored by professional politicians.