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UKIP Rayleigh and Wickford Branch

UKIP membership in Rayleigh and Wickford has grown to a point that they have been able to devolve away from ‘UKIP South Essex’ to form their own group. The UK Independence Party really is a party of the people. Its ideas are based on common sense and it does not “whip” its local elected members to toe the party line but, instead, demands that they represent the views, concerns and wishes of the majority of their residents at all times.

As Deputy Chairman of the Branch I would welcome any resident of Wickford or Rayleigh who want to join our new Association and help extricate this country from the authoritarian clutches of the European Union, that is destroying the very fabric of our society. They have even managed to change our ‘Innocent till proved guilty’ justice system, handing the independence of our Courts to the State and the EU. The Habeas Corpus protection we have enjoyed for 800 years, and have defended over two World Wars and countless conflicts, has now been given away by the very people you charged with your protection – Your own LibLabCon Members of Parliament.


Nigel Le Gresley